About Us

Universal Surgicals is dedicated to serving the customers in Life science industry and Clinical Diagnostics. Our Business is built on core values of Trust and Long-term relationship with clients. We establish trust and look beyond the short-term gains to help our clients meet their challenges as we believe in long-term relationship with our clients. We can proudly say we are long-term partners in their success for leading multi-national companies like Agilent, Bio-Rad and Roche Diagnostics for more than ten years.

Universal Surgicals is established in 2002 and has grown as a leader in the sale of Laboratory and Diagnostic equipment in Andhra. Currently we serve more than 90% of the customers in our region.

We are the authorized dealer for Roche Diagnostics India Private Ltd in the region. We are the authorized dealer for Bio-Rad Laboratories India Private Limited in the region.

We are premier service providers for Agilent Technologies India Private Limited serving all over India. We provide Sales and Service for Chromatography and Spectroscopy instruments as service provider for Agilent Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

We also sell Diagnostic Bio-chemistry Analyzers in South India. Diagnostic and Life Sciences sector.