ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS: Universal Surgicals is an authorized distributor for Roche diagnostics India Pvt. Ltd. We supply Clinical chemistry & immunoassays for Roche customers in our region. We are leading supplier of modular instrument solutions with a wide range of immune and clinical-chemistry assays for clinical laboratories and hospitals in the region of Andhra Pradesh.

Roche Cobas c 111 Analyser


• Comprehensive testing capabilities
• A highly reliable system delivering 99 % uptime1
• Excellent support provided by Roche organizations worldwide
• Essential routine testing on a small footprint
• Simplified system operation
• Reducing complexity for a range of laboratories, both networked or standalone
• More than 40 assays and applications available including whole blood HbA1c, hs CRP, and D-dimer
• Externally rated world-class performance2
• Wizard-guided maintenance procedures
• More than 5,500 analyzers installed worldwide
• Throughput of up to 100 tests/hour
• Low water consumption of up to 3 liters per day
• Compact benchtop system for labs with limited floor space
• Easy, intuitive software handling
• Ability to connect to local IT environment
• Common reagent chemistry across the Cobas platform

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New Roche Cobas E411 Automated Immunoassay Chemistry Analyzer..


Product Detail : Feature Cobas e 411 Analyzer
System : Fully automated, immunoassay Analyzer for random access processing of ECL-based immunoassays (Cobas e system format)
Types of modules :
  1. Cobas e 411 disk Analyzer
  2. Cobas e 411 rack Analyzer
  3. Optional System Table (cabinet); Optional System Table Extension (for printer)

System Components : Self contained bench top Analyzer comprising an analytical unit and a customized user interface
System interfaces : RS232 serial interface, bidirectional
Throughput Up to 86 tests/hour
Number of reagent channels : 18 channels (reagent slots) for maximum of 18 tests
Programmable test parameters: N/A, programming-by-loading (PBT) concept, application data are transferred without operator intervention from the 2D barcode of the reagent pack (RP) into the instrument database

Sample material Serum/plasma, urine, others
Sample input/output :
  1. Disk Model: 30 positions for samples, calibrators and controls
  2. Rack Model: 15 racks with 5 samples each (= 75 samples in/out)
  3. STAT port: STAT samples are processed with priority

Sample volume 10 – 50 μl
Sample clot detection : Standard (pressure sensor)
Sample barcode types : Code 128; Codabar (NW 7); Interleaved 2 of 5; Code 39
Control unit : Microsoft® Windows® XP-based panel PC
Calibrator/QC input : cobas e system-specific barcoded CalSet vials on disk or racks

Calibration methods Lot calibration (L-cal); Reagent Pack (RP) calibration (R-Cal)

QC methods
1. Individual QC and cumulative QC
2. Up to 100 controls pre-programmable
3. Preventive QC after calibration of the stand-by cobas e packs

Data storage capacity
• The memory contains data files necessary for the analyzer and software to work together:
• Reagent Data File: Up to 300 reagent packs
• Sample Data File: Up to 2000 test records (for samples and controls)
• Calibration Data File: Up to 160 calibrators
• QC Data File: Capacity up to 100 controls
• Operating Parameter Data File: Up to 305 reagent applications
• Up to 20 operator IDs

Electrical requirements
1. 230/110 Volts AC; 1,000 kVA (disk), 1,250 kVA (rack)
2. Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz +/- 0.5%

Water/Waste requirements
1.Water: Bacteria free, de-ionized water supply, resistance of < 10 μS/cm
2.Liquid waste: Onboard waste container (4 liter), direct drain optional

Operating conditions
1. Ambient temperature: 18 to 32°C
2. Ambient humidity: 20 to 80% RH (without condensation)
3. Heat Output: 2,879 kJ/hr (analyzer unit)
4. Noise Output: 60 dBA (stand-by), 63 dBA (operation avg.)

Physical dimensions
1. Width (disk/rack): 120 cm / 170 cm 47.2 in / 67 in
2. Depth (disk/rack): 73 cm / 95 cm 28.7 in / 37.4 in
3. Height: 80 cm / 31.4 in (closed top cover) 109 cm / 43 in (opened top cover)

1. Disk: 180 kg / 397 lbs
2. Rack: 250 kg / 551 lbs

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Cobas c 311 Chemistry Analyzer Highlights


Cobas c 311 is for analysis of serum, plasma, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), hemolysate and whole blood.

Offers :
Stand alone analyzer for Clinical Chemistry Flexible system for consolidating routine and special chemistry workloads On-board capacity of 45 tests
Throughput of up to 480 tests per hour
Weight : 550 lbs
Dimensions : 52 (W) x 67 (H) 34 (D) inches
(approximate open)

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Cobas 6000 Analyzer


Description :

Offers :
The cobas® 6000 analyser series offer tailor-made solutions to medium to large workload laboratories. Flexible combinations of clinical chemistry (cobas c 501 module) and immunochemistry testing (cobas e 601 module) modules are available.

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Cobas 8000 modular analyser series


Description :

Take your lab’s performance to the peak. While your lab is facing rising complexity and unpredictability, it is also facing intensifying pressure to deliver. Reliability of your analyser and vendor are not just a convenience they are critical to maximising your lab’s success and upholding the standard of care to which you aspire.

Cobas 8000 modular analyser series is a scalable module based serum work area (SWA) solution for a wide range of in vitro diagnostics testing of clinical chemistry & immunochemistry designed for high throughput laboratories.

With cobas 8000 modular analyser series, your lab will reach a new height of performance. This means unprecedented productivity and distinctive uptime, the broadest assay menu on one consolidated platform1 and continuous access to breakthrough assays that let you stay at the forefront of the industry. With the cobas 8000 modular analyser series and Roche’s commitment to innovation, you can take your lab’s performance to the peak.

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